Friday, July 30, 2010

S*** happens

S*** happens. It's one thing when s*** happens to your worst enemy. It's another when s*** happens to good people.

If you've been to the Crow Timber Barn, you'd know Margaret Wolf, the chef, not only feeds us so very well with her wonderful meals but also delights us with her good humor and supportive spirit.

Last May I met her husband, Dale, when he joined us for a few days. This is one couple I'd say has no better half. They're both terrific.

Margaret and Dale were recently in Germany where she has a wonderful piece in the Color Improvisations exhibit. She's the one in the graphic b+w dress in this photo. More about the multifaceted Margaret on her website.

Upon their return they received bad news. Read more about their son's accident and ordeal here. Just breaks my heart. Please send lots of good wishes their way. Nathan died on 8/4/2010. You can send your condolences here.

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