Thursday, June 10, 2010

All in my head

Do I look different to you? Have you notice? Did I cut my hair? Lose some weight? Botox wrinkles away?

None of these. Let me help you. It's all in my head(ing) which used to say ambitions of a beginner or beginnings of an ambitious quilt artist. I still quilt. I still think of myself as a beginner. I'm still ambitious. I'm still an artist. My new subheading subtlely reflects my clearer focus and resolve.

"It is necessary . . . to go beyond . . . to create something so unique – personal yet universal – that it takes viewers beyond their own understanding, perhaps even out of their comfort-zone, and shows them the world in a new way. Only then . . . does an artist cross the line . . . to fine art."

Rose Fredrick was referring to specifically to illustration, but she could just as well be talking about any other craft or medium - or about quilting. I intend to eventually cross that line and create art.


  1. you are sounding more positive now.
    Keep it up!

    Did you ever consider making the background of your blog white instead of black so it would be easier to read? Just wondering.

  2. Wanda,
    The designer in me like the white on black. Sorry if you, or anyone else, is having problems reading.

    Does increasing the text size help(under View on my computer)?

  3. Actually as we age we all have the beginnings of cataracts and it makes the white words slightly blurry, just like in night driving the headlights have a slight halo around them. larger print would help and of course I can enlarge it as I read it too.

  4. Sandy from Quilt Therapy6/12/10, 8:15 AM

    Congratulations on acknowledging that you ARE an artist!