Friday, October 30, 2009

Stuck in the middle

This top is on up on my design wall as I contemplate quilting lines.
From last spring's workshop - Nancy Crow's Improvisations – Let's Experiment! - it was the second assignment: make it BIG & BOLD. The almost centered spot certainly commands attention, so I've satisfied the exercise. If you've taken a workshop with Nancy, you know you don't have much time to tarry. Piece it and move on.

My eye is drawn and glued to that center. That bugged me - too strong a center. I tried moving the spot off center by adjusting the edges. Nah, didn't work. So a virtual but simple re-piece with Photoshop: It's not as bold but I move between the two sides rather than being stuck in the middle. With another teal strip or two, I'll get a more circulation around the composition. Then it'll be ready to quilt.


  1. I like it better the first way. Maybe you could trim a couple inches off the left and sew them on the right to give a few fine lines to the right side too.

  2. I also like the original composition more. The first composition has one more-complex figure, the second one has two less-complex figures on the edges. If you don't want the single figure in the center of the composition, perhaps you can add a little more black with thin turquoise lines on the left. (Don't know if you have any of that turquoise left, or if you can find the left-overs in your stash.) I don't want you to cut into the figure on the right. The single figure just speaks to me more as a facinating dwelling that I'd like to know more about.
    My 2 cents, Connie