Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rhythms & cycles

I had a rhythm going before. Now the holidays are over and I have yet to return to my ribbon quilt.

I blame my malaise on the clutter in my life. On all the unfinished projects. On the staggering losses in my 401k and IRAs. On rain we have not been getting and wind that we have. On the holiday diet. On sugar overload.

Not that I have been unproductive. Reducing paper piles & clutter. Dusting and cleaning. Setting up files. Weeding, pruning and planting. Knocking out projects. Building a bigger design wall. Re-arranging my studio. And I've returned to my exercise routine.

I've reached a cyclic threshold. A result of the extravagance of the holidays, the hiatus from creative activity, and the start of the new year. I've made resolutions and set goals. I just need time to reorganize and refocus. Finish projects, discard items, file papers. Only enough to be creative again.

I never come close to getting everything in its place. There's always another time another year for that. I'll be back to my ribbon quilt soon and other new projects.

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